Homework routine: What we do

Homework routine: What we do

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Should homework be done right after school or after dinner? In small chunks or all at once? Here’s what these families do.

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My child does not have homework every day. What I do is I work with her every day and I’ve been doing that since she came out of the womb.

When they come home from school, they get a snack, watch a show, and then they’ll do about an hour of their homework.

We like to stay ahead of our homework. So, we tend to read a lot on the weekends, so that when we have busy week nights she’ll have the reading already taken care of.

I try to sit down with him and my wife does as well. We try to sit with him and have his homework done, but he likes to procrastinate a lot.

After Mommy gets home, dinner, and then his homework time. Usually, it’s about an hour for a kindergartner.

My child’s homework routine isn’t that difficult because she’s in kindergarten. So before we go to bed, we always read a book and so we just incorporate the book that she’s supposed to read into that. And then we do sight words at night before she goes to bed and then in the morning at breakfast.

My son’s homework routine basically is come home, take a little snack, and then go ahead finish maybe whatever time it takes for him to finish homework and then dinner, wash up, and go to bed.

When she comes home from school, she takes the things out of her book bag and we sit together and do her homework. Usually, it’s a couple of pages a day.

She comes in from school. She usually just gets straight to her homework. And if she needs help, then she’ll ask for help. But usually she doesn’t need any help. And then she doesn’t just do her pages as far as what she’s supposed to do for the day. And so, she go all the way through it and then she’ll just have reading for the rest of the week. So.

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