Dividing household responsibilities: The Williams Way (Episode 1)

Dividing household responsibilities: The Williams Way (Episode 1)

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Alisha: Hey, guys.

Cortes: What's up, ya'll?

Alisha: It's Alisha.

Cortes: And Cortes.

Alisha: And we are from the blog channel The Williams Way here on YouTube. So today we are bringing you guys along on our day. It is a weekday. So it's pretty much a busy day, per usual. In our household it just stays busy. Like, no matter what, we are either on the move or just, you know, working or, of course, taking care of our daughter, Valerie. So there's just so much that we have to do. And it can get busy, it can get draining, it can be just a lot to handle. But we have learned for us that explaining the responsibilities is, like, the number-one key.

Cortes: We try to be upfront with each other. As soon as we figure out that something has changed or we have an appointment that got set up or we have a meeting that we have to do that just kind of out of nowhere –

Alisha: Or a call or something like that.

Cortes: Yeah, something like that – anything – we let the other person know.

Alisha: Even aside from, like, just work stuff, even, like, household responsibilities – like cooking, cleaning, cutting the grass – it's just so important for us to split those tasks up, so that way one person doesn't feel so overwhelmed with doing everything at the house. Like, I know personally for me, if I was the one doing every single thing at home I would feel super exhausted, super tired, and just overwhelmed. But because I have a very helpful husband, we both kind of split up the tasks just here and there, so that way we each can kind of take on the load.

But yeah, so about to go ahead and wake baby girl Valerie up. She is sleeping right now, but she's been asleep for – what'd you say?

Cortes: She's been asleep for, like, three and a half hours.

Alisha: Yeah, Valerie has been asleep for a while, which means we're about to go ahead and wake her up really quick to get her fed and stuff, because if she doesn't eat on time her schedule kind of gets thrown off as far as eating goes. And then it's just – the nighttime is really off when she's not on schedule. So 'bout to go ahead, wake her up, get her fed, and then go about our day.

Cortes: So it's just me and Valerie right now. You want to say hey, Val? Say hi. Okay, she's fascinated by the rain. But while my wife is working I'm on Val duty. We're just chilling, having fun, aren't we, baby girl? Yeah, yeah.

Right now I'm just going to feed her, and then afterwards her and I are probably going to watch some TV. You want to watch some TV? Yeah? Watch some TV and then we'll play some games.

Currently raining. You like the rain don't you, baby girl? She has an obsession with the rain. She loves watching the rain. Maybe y'all can see out there. She's just looking around enjoying her time watching the raindrops. Isn't that right, baby girl? Want to get closer? See the worms? See the worms down there? All right, we're about to go back inside and play.

Alisha: Valerie is finally asleep. I was hoping that her nap would have, like, went a lot smoother, and she would have went down quick and easy, but unfortunately that was not the case. I realize that with a 5-month-old it's just – some naps will be wins and then some naps will be L's. And today was definitely more of an L, because she was just not having it. It took a while to put her down, and she was just fighting it for a long time. A little bit harder than I had hoped for, but we got through it, and now she is knocked out right now. So while she is sleeping and Cortes is still over here working, I am about to – bless you babe – I am about to try to get some cleaning done.

Cortes: I am in the car on my way to go to the grocery store. Alicia is back at home with Val. Either during the day or on my way home, if Alicia is watching her I will go to the grocery store and get all of our stuff for dinner. We are going to have some baked fish, and Alicia is going to have some sweet potato fries. I am probably going to have some regular fries, and I grilled yesterday. So we're gonna have some grilled vegetables to go along with it. So I will talk to y'all once I am inside.

I know I said that Alicia is gonna have sweet potatoes, but I am played out on sweet potatoes, so I'm going to get regular potatoes. I'll just get some regular Russet potatoes for me and then get the sweet potatoes for her.

Before we had Val we usually did all the cooking ourselves. We get everything and make it from scratch. But now that we have her we can't really do that, because we just don't have the time. So we buy a lot of our food frozen just because we have to. And then when we have date night then that's when I'll throw down and actually make the food from scratch.

So for the fish, we're actually going to do this: Gorton's parmesan-crusted cod. This stuff is extremely good, and I think I like it way more than Alicia does.

Alisha: Something is smelling mighty, mighty good in here.

Cortes: It's probably the fries, babe.

Alisha: The fries?

Cortes: The fries that you didn't want.

Alisha: I know, y'all. I did tell him that I want the sweet potato fries, but now I'm just like, "Hmm, I think I want regular fries." 'Cause he's, like, throwing down over there.

Cortes: We are chilling right now after dinner, having a little bit of family time.

Alisha: Favorite part of the day.

Cortes: Wife is right there, Valerie is over there.

Alisha: Say hey, boo boo.

Cortes: Playing in her bouncer. We actually need to lift it up because her feet are a little –

Alisha: She's too tall for that now.

Cortes: Yeah, she goes back and forth, 'cause if she's in a onesie then her feet are all the way basically flat.

Alisha: [Laughs] Yeah.

Cortes: But if she's in like a sleeper then her feet aren't even touching the ground. Isn't that right, Leah? Isn't that right?

So we just wanted to give you guys a few more tips on how to, you know, share your schedule with a new baby, because going into it it seems a little daunting when you have both people work, you have full-time jobs –

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: You're trying to take care of this little human that requires so much attention. Schedule everything out – and by "everything" we mean, like, schedule every thing, everything. Schedule it all because if you don't schedule it then it's probably not going to happen.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: Especially when both people are busy you're just going to forget about stuff, and you're going to be like, "Okay I had a plan to do these five things today." And then if you don't write it down and communicate it to your partner, then you not gonna get nothin' done.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: And that's the second one. Make sure y'all communicate.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: You have to communicate.

Alisha: Just working together, period, will help to alleviate any, like, confusion – that’s a big deal.

Cortes: Confusion. Confusion's a big one. Yeah, 'cause then one person … well … confusion and resentment. I think confusion and resentment, 'cause you don't want one person to feel like they're doing all the work.

Alisha: That is true, babe.

Cortes: And the other person is, like, just getting to do their own thing all the time.

Alisha: I haven't felt like that, have you?

Cortes: No, I haven't felt like that either, but that's because we communicate. We been talking. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Alisha: And the last thing I would say is definitely, just, like, don't be too hard on yourself. Like, if you find yourself not being able to tackle a task one day, just tackle it the next day. Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't, like, stress out too much. Take it day by day and just let life take its course.

Valerie: [Babbles]

Alisha: Hi, pookey poo!

Cortes: Okay, baby girl, okay.

Alisha: Just take it day by day and it will happen. If you have to wait a day to focus on one thing, just wait that next day and then focus on it later on.

Cortes: That's a big one.

Alisha: But just don't pressure yourself. Yeah. Those are definitely our tips to kind of make life a little bit easier.

Cortes: Yeah, yeah.

Alisha: How to make it work.

This is her favorite part of the night.

Cortes: Mm-hmm, she gets to play with some toys with both of us before she goes to sleep.

Alisha: I know. Her favorite part of the night.

Cortes: Ain't that right, girl?

Alisha: Oh, you're so silly. Yeah, you see the sun? You see the sun, baby girl?

So, you guys, that is it for tonight. We're about to go ahead and get Valerie ready for bed really soon. She's getting pretty tired, so probably just get her ready for bed, feed her one more time, and put her down for the night. Hope you guys enjoyed today's video. Yep, she's tired.

Cortes: Mm-hmm.

Alisha: So hope you enjoyed today's video. Again I'm Alisha, Cortes, Leah, and, of course, Valerie over here. If you guys want to see more of our everyday life check out our YouTube channel The Williams Way. Check it out, enjoy the family, and we'll talk to you all in the next video. Bye guys. Say bye, baby girl. Bye you guys.

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