How to fasten a cloth diaper

How to fasten a cloth diaper

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Some cloth diapers come with built-in snaps or tabs to secure the diaper on your baby. Other types of cloth diapers, like prefolds or flats, require you to fasten the diaper with diaper pins or a fastener as demonstrated below.

(Sometimes a cloth diaper can be used without fastening it directly, by tucking it into a cover and fastening that. But fastening the diaper itself helps protect the cover from becoming soiled, especially by breastfed newborn babies, who tend to have runny poop.)

1. First follow our steps for removing the dirty diaper and putting a clean one in place.

2. Pull the back corners of the diaper around your baby's waist and lay them over the front of the diaper.

3. If using a T-shaped fastener (like a Snappi), hook the two top ends of the fastener to the left and right flaps, then hook the bottom end to the bottom center of the diaper's front. See the packaging for complete directions.

4. For a two-pronged fastener (like the Boingo), hook one on each side of the diaper. See the packaging for complete directions.

5. If using pins, place two or three fingers under the diaper fabric to avoid accidentally pricking your baby when fastening the diaper.

Insert the pin so it points away from your baby's belly button and slowly push it into the fabric. When you feel the pressure of the pin against your fingers, change the angle of the pin and start pushing it out of the fabric. (Quick tip: If you stick the pin points in a bar of soap first, they'll be easier to push through the diaper.)

6. See how to finish the diaper change.

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