Meaning of the name Menelaus. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Menelaus. Name for boys

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Among all the names for boys we highlight Menelaus. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

IN Greek mythology, Menelaus was the brother of Agamemnon and husband of Helen, taking part in the Trojan War. Name very used in history, such as Menelaus of Alexandria, Greek mathematician of the 1st century, or Saint Menelaus, French abbot of the 7th century.

It comes from the Greek Menélaos, "vigorous people".

July 22.


  • Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister (1913-1992); Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leading Ukrainian rabbi of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic dynasty (1902-1994)

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