Advertisements on the school desk

Advertisements on the school desk

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What if one day children came home from school reciting a list of names of advertising brands that they have seen in their own class? Posting notices in classrooms is the idea that some schools in southern Italy have resorted to in the face of budget cuts for education.

Precisely now that there is an educational project aimed at teaching children an objective assessment of advertising messages, it is surprising that Italian schools intend to advertise in classrooms to finance themselves. The call is open until November 30 so that companies can buy advertising space on the tables and chairs of students for an amount of 69.80 euros without VAT. And, yes, to reassure parents, the provincial advisor for Education in the province of Barletta, Pompeo Camero, has assured that "any type of advertising will not be accepted."

This initiative has raised both praise and criticism both in Italy and in the rest of the world and it is no wonder. Living with advertising messages from the earliest childhood is a paradox. Now that we have Christmas just around the corner, we parents have to work hard to explain to our children that the advertising messages they have seen on television, for example, should not determine the choice of their Christmas gifts. A difficult task because few are satisfied with a warning before the desire created by advertising, so we strive to do a master with them, which helps them identify the values ​​and ideas that advertising transmits, which helps them to value in a way criticism of the content and advertising aesthetics, that teaches them to distinguish between reality and representation and, above all, that initiates them in educational matters in rational consumption. trick of seeing is believing. Going with my son to the mall so that he can touch the chosen toy, see its real functions and its possibilities is what has worked best for me.Marisol Nuevo.

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