Diario Femenino joins Women's Day

Diario Femenino joins Women's Day

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Today we women are especially partying. We celebrate the International Day of the Working Woman, a day to remember the role of women in the process of awareness of their human value within society, and therefore I consider the ideal occasion to invite you to visit a new channel for the woman on the Internet:

One day is too little to answer, register, and awaken the world to the importance of women's performance in all areas. To celebrate a constant, daily, and tireless struggle, and to recognize the participation of women in building a family, in conquering the job market, in the struggle for their freedom of thought and choice, and for the equality and respect for their rights. One day is not enough, and because of that, was born so that, day after day, women can enjoy complete information on all the topics of their interest.

Leisure, love and sex, psychology, fashion, beauty, diet, cooking, health, travel, home ... are some of the countless contents developed in In addition, it is a magazine that brings all current issues closer to us. In today's edition, for example, it brings us and offers complete coverage of the Oscar awards, the most important film festival in the is a very feminine website, made with love by and for women, Although that does not mean that men cannot visit it, if you have not visited it yet, what are you waiting for? is also on Facebook. A daily toast to all women!Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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