The first baby conceived thanks to the iPhone

The first baby conceived thanks to the iPhone

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Couples who are trying to have children, especially, are going to be happy with the news. The couple, who had been fighting for four years to overcome infertility, happily achieved the longed-for pregnancy.

Today, more than a few couples have infertility problems. Many reach 35 and even 40 without being able to conceive a baby. Some are barely satisfied; others are looking for new ways to become parents. They bet on techniques such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization ..., others try and seek adoption, like one more life to have children.

In the case of the British couple, it all started when the husband gave his wife, Lena Bryce, a mobile for her birthday. She typed "get pregnant" on the phone and came across the "Free Menstrual Calendar" app, which calculates fertility cycles, reflecting in light pink the day of the woman's most fertile month.

The couple downloaded the application, considered the notice on the mobile about the most favorable day to conceive their baby, got down to work, and after two attempts, they succeeded. The menstrual calendar suggested even the sex positions most likely to get pregnant. When the woman took the pregnancy test and it came back positive, she couldn't believe it. Little Lola was born exactly on the same day that, at the time, the application had predicted. In the same way that fertility programs can be downloaded to mobile phones, couples interested in becoming pregnant can also do so through any computer. In search engines you will find a very large variety of programs that help both to plan conception, such as those that offer an ovulation calculator.

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