Would you give a homosexual story to your son?

Would you give a homosexual story to your son?

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There is a story in which the princess, when kissing a frog, sees how the poor creature is transformed into a handsome prince. Well, this is a situation that you can expect to read in a story with a homosexual theme. Would you give a book on this subject to your child?

As children grow they will want to know and know about everything. They would like to be "up to date" with all the information and facts. And of course, it would be convenient not to waste these occasions to educate them. This happens, for example, when a son comes home and says, in a tone of astonishment to his parents: "Mom, Dad, I have seen two boys kissing on the mouth in the street." Ufff ....... what do you say? At the end of the day, you should not leave him without answers.

To explain to my daughter about how babies are made and born, I have had to turn to books. We went together to the library and there they showed us some educational books on the subject, which we have looked at over and over again, and we have had a really good time. It is not necessary for children to delve so deeply into the explanations. And homosexuality, how and when can we explain it to children? There is nothing scientifically that explains it, we only know that it exists and that it has come "out of the closet". You can talk about everything with children from the moment we consider that he is sufficiently prepared for it. I don't think a four or eight year old is ready to question issues like homosexuality. It all depends on his age and his degree of maturity, and the criteria of his parents. I think that, above all, up to the age of ten, children should be educated in values ​​such as tolerance, respect and sincerity, so that he learns and prepares at the same time to speak and understand all the issues and situations that appear in their way. Thanks to television and new technologies, many topics are already within the reach of children. However, the topic of sexuality is still taboo for many families. Education is the key to understanding and acceptance. Before talking about issues such as homosexuality with our children, it is convenient that we instill values ​​in them to prevent them from judging, discriminating or marginalizing other people, for any difference they may present. Only in this way will we be planting seeds of integrity, tolerance and respect for others.

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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