So that parents do not forget their children in the car

So that parents do not forget their children in the car

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I wonder how parents can forget about their child in the car. At first, no one believed the news, until some cases led to accidents and deaths of children. It is a device that prevents children from being forgotten inside the car.

The invention has been developed by Carlos Díaz, from Malaga, and consists of a mechanism that alerts if the child stays in the car. It works with a series of pressure sensors that are connected to an electrical control unit. When activated, an acoustic alarm sounds that the inventor wants to be connected to mobiles. These sensors detect if there is a child or anyone else (even a package) in the back seat of the car.

Surely you are thinking that it will be an inconvenience for the person who has to leave something (packages, bags, etc.) in the back seat of the car, although I am sure that the inventor of this device already knows how to control the system in such cases. The anti-forgetting device for children is not yet being marketed. Its inventor is waiting for a commercial brand to want to manufacture and perfect it, so that parents can manipulate the device in a safer and more controlled way. Meanwhile, I wonder if when the device is on the market, parents will be interested in purchasing it. Would you put it in your car? As we all know, as a safety measure, children should not be left alone or locked in the car, not even for a minute. Consciousness first. Then, if parents believe that they are capable of forgetting their child in the car, they better install the device in their car. The important thing is the protection and safety of the little ones.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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