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We have broken the record of visits! Thanks to the interest and visits of our readers, we have achieved that more than seven million pages of our site were viewed in the month of May. This confirms the leadership of our magazine as the most visited family resource website on the Internet.

Apart from 7,213,682 page views, we have achieved 1,582,425 unique visitors. These are data confirmed by the Nielsen SiteCensus ranking. Our site, edited by Polegar Medios, exceeds by more than 5 million page views the web second placed in the ranking of family resources on the Internet, measured by Nielsen. I comment on these results because I want to share with you my particular joy and satisfaction for this achievement, and more than anything to thank you for the support and trust you have given us in these 10 years on the Internet. Your interest as well as your collaboration and participation encourages us to continue fulfilling the great work of serving you day after day. with everything we can, for the good of the children. It is a very rewarding job. Thanks!Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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