More than 65 thousand street children go back to school

More than 65 thousand street children go back to school

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In countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, it is very common to find children on the streets, doing everything, but everything, to get a tip. The issue is so worrying that even large corporate foundations such as Telefónica roll up their sleeves to return these children to school.

The Proniño Program, which, through the "Together we can" campaign, has already managed to get more than 65,000 children to school in 13 countries, aims to reach 100,000 children by the end of this year. The singer Alejandro Sanz, the also activist Bob Geldof, and the actor Imanol Arias, are the face and voice of this program.

They work to guarantee personalized attention to minors from an educational, health and family point of view, making many children stop being sellers, garbage men, porters, shepherds, miners, etc., and can choose the role that corresponds to them . The program also includes families and teachers, offering awareness and support workshops, and has the support of 99 NGOs of recognized international prestige with which it works directly. Apart from that, it manages 168 alliances with public, private and Third World sectors. In Latin America, keeping a child alive costs 140 euros a year, 12 euros a month and 40 cents a day. As the campaign says, together we can get five million boys and girls in this part of the world to stop working and go to school. That many stop selling their own body and their innocence in exchange for money. To stop ordering at restaurant exits, car windows, stores, etc. May they have the opportunity to recover, learn and grow as children.

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