Recommended books on childbirth

Recommended books on childbirth

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1. Pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn. Complete guide
Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janet Whalley
On the subject of pregnancy and childbirth, this is the most comprehensive book: it covers all aspects of motherhood, from conception to early childhood. It explains what happens during pregnancy and childbirth, and what aspects to work with the people who will treat you to make the birth of your child a healthy and happy experience. It is also a book that is both serious and easy to use: it is well organized for easy reading and quick reference, and contains a large number of illustrations and graphics to clarify explanations. And it is the most up-to-date book: it presents the most modern methods and effective self-help and emotional support for childbirth. It also includes the latest in prenatal nutrition, pain medication, obstetric operations, and childhood immunizations.

2. The new great book on pregnancy and childbirth
Sheila kitzinger
This latest edition, revised and updated, gives smart and reassuring advice to expecting parents. The author offers her expert guidance from the earliest signs of pregnancy to postpartum exercises, explaining in detail the physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy. The book contains basic information on all aspects of these nine months, the diagnostic tests, the various options that are presented, active birth and sexuality before and after delivery.

3. Nine months of waiting
Josefina Ruiz Vega, Mª Concepción Díez Rubio
Josefina Ruíz Vega and Mª Concepción Díez Rubio, highly reliable specialists in the world of women's health, present in this book a comprehensive guide to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. A book that narrates step by step the changes of the female body and psyche during the gestation process, as well as the development of the future baby. All this supported by a series of essential tips so that parents can confidently face the arrival of their child into the world.

4. Choose how you want to give birth
Gill thorn
Everyone agrees that both mother and child should receive the best possible care during childbirth, but there are differences of opinion about what that means. Women's opinions are often viewed as less important than those of health professionals, and they are sometimes under great pressure to accept other people's ideas. Giving birth as you wish is important, because it contributes to your physical and emotional well-being, that of your family, and that of society in general. This book introduces you to all possible birthing options and helps you make the right decisions to deliver the way you want, whether at home, in the water, in the hospital without unnecessary interventions or with a cesarean by choice.

5. Seven steps to a happy birth
Morales and Torres
Based on her experience with the pregnancies and the births of her four children, and the testimonies of more than two thousand women with whom she has worked for twenty years, the author leads us to find a happy birth. A natural childbirth is a reality that can and should be pleasant. Through stories full of feelings made by women who narrate the passionate experience of birth, the author tells us how the mother can feel happy while waiting for the child. How to take advantage of the waiting time to overcome fear with relaxation. To achieve a happy birth you have to believe that it is possible, work on it and prepare yourself psychologically. You will find the prize when your newborn child directs his luminous gaze to your face and you look at each other intensely, you will discover that it is the most wonderful moment of your life. This book offers you the keys to achieve it.

6. Pregnancy and natural childbirth
Among many other topics, in this book you will find: what you should know before pregnancy, how to enhance female and male fertility, treatments against female and male infertility, hormonal changes and how they affect your body, natural remedies against the main disorders of pregnancy and childbirth

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