Good conduct and behavior

Good conduct and behavior

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1. When parents are the victims Javier Urra
Not only at work or at school we find examples of mobbing or bullying, but also at home. Today there are many more cases of bullying children than you can imagine. Spoiled children, unaware of the limits, who organize family life, give orders to their parents and blackmail anyone who tries to stop them.

2. Testimonials of mothers with hyperactive children Various Authors
There are absent-minded and restless children for whom it is almost impossible to obey, study, or simply keep up with the other classmates at school.
On the other side of the barrier are mothers whose dedication and dedication are overcome by exhaustion, frustration, and sometimes impotence. They wanted to tell it personally. It is the first book that collects direct testimonies from mothers with children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome.

3. Permissive Parents, Sister Children
Aldo naouri
Today fathers and mothers are on the bench. Accused of all the evils, when they are not the ones who blame themselves, they nevertheless try to fulfill their role as father and mother as best as possible. They have no other choice, because the new generations will demand an account of it. In an attempt to exempt themselves from the guilt they feel, they put themselves at the absolute service of their children.

4. Parents and children. How to solve everyday behavior problems
Hermann A. Comb, Roy Howarth
Even in the best-regulated families there are often tears, tantrums, yelling, and fights when the complex and progressive issue of learning to tie shoes, brush teeth, use a saw, do housework, and generally prepare for life arises.
So what can parents and, in general, people who work with children do to guide them in their learning processes?

5. Limits to children
Cornelia Nitsch, Cornelia Von Schelling
Are you one of those parents who, for fear of being too authoritarian, resists imposing limits on your children? Or do you want to be consistent with your children about the rules, but don't know how to do it? Children need affection, but also clear limits, to feel safe and protected, to orient themselves properly, to find support, to experience union with the family, to have confidence, courage and autonomy, to become adults.

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